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Team Under The Lights.

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Under The Lights was created by artists E. Jourdain, Jr. & Ara (picsbyASV) as an outlet to showcase a wide variety of photography, music and other art from around the Globe.

Meet The Team Under The Lights.

Meet the team:

E. Jourdain, Jr.a well-credentialed award-winning photographer from Red Lake, Minnesota.

A man with a camera capturing life and Mother Nature in all her beauty, as well as other scenes in society such as concerts, events and community gatherings. As a lifelong resident of rural northern Minnesota, it’s only natural that nature is my favorite subject to photograph as we have that beauty here in front of us every day.

I have been into photography my entire life and have been a touring music artist for a good portion of my younger years. On a recent visit to Toronto I had a creative vision along with my brother Ara (picsbyASV) to collaborate on this website, to become the team to showcase the arts. It is our pleasure to give a shine, under the lights.

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Ara (picsbyASV)
A passionate photographer with an addiction to Art.

Born in Toronto, Raised in Markham, Ontario. I’ve had a passion for EVERYTHING ART related, since I was a 3 years old. Love portrait photography, street photography, event photography, landscape + more. I’ve always had this passion to freeze moments in time behind the lens.

Capturing images of beauty, that last forever.

I met my brother E.Jourdain.Jr back in 2006. It’s been a wonderful journey of Friendship & Traveling Artist’s ever since. I can honestly say, Jr inspired me to thrive to be great as a Photographer. How to take my ambitions as an Artist/Musician & Capture beauty in a different realm. I embrace growth & love every moment of this path. Always adding to the resume of live events, tours, festivals & more. Can’t thank you all enough, for joining us here at

Under The Lights.

Check out some awesome photos on a collaborative post from Team Under The Lights: Toronto in Black & White 

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Sponsors will get exclusive content, merchandise and/or a featured post on this website and/or our social media channels. We are looking for sponsors of all levels from smaller basic sponsorships to larger elaborate deals.

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The Team

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