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Toronto in Black & White

a roll of film, by E. Jourdain, Jr.

Article and photos by E. Jourdain, Jr.

I recently (November, 2022) visited my brother/U.T.L. Co-Founder Ara (picsbyASV) in Toronto.

While I still have plenty of unprocessed digital photos to look through, I received one roll of film back from the developer.

These photos come from Ilford Ortho Plus 80 Black & White which is relatively cheap as found here on B&H.

Brian Jungen’s Couch Monster outside of the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario.)

I have several 35mm film camera’s but I like to go with the Pentax K-1000. It has such a nice feel. It’s rather lightweight, so I just let it hang around my neck while I carry my Nikon D850.

A little about the film from the Ilford Website:

35mm, ISO 80 orthochromatic black & white film with fine grain and sharpness – perfect for stunning landscapes.

  • ISO 80 (ISO 40 in Tungsten light)
  • Fine grain, sharp orthochromatic black & white film
  • Can be processed / handled in deep red safelight

Brian Jungen’s Couch Monster outside of the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario.)

I love shooting film. I love the element of surprise when your developed film comes back to you. I love that there is such a drastic difference in film vs digital. On this particular trip I shot with both. The digitals photos from this trip are very colorful and vibrant, you can see those here: Scenes From Toronto – Photography by the Under The Lights duo


The Crucified Christ (Corpus) bronze sculpture, c. 1650 inside the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario.)

When I got this roll of developed black & white film back, my first viewing was an emotional experience. Some scenes felt like a step back in time. The mood is such a dramatic change from those digitals.

Ara (picsbyASV) in the dark sweater shooting some downtown Toronto scenes.

I’m not big into reviewing film, but I will say that this particular black & white might just be my favorite. The “fine grain and sharpness” that are common in reviews speaks true and apparent in my images. The only “editing” I’ve done on these are straightening out the horizon lines and adding my watermark in black & white. See the rest of the 36 exposure roll in the gallery below.

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